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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website to learn a little bit about who I am and what I do.
My name is Katie Bell and I am a cheerleader for greatness!  (Which you are by the way!)  I can be called many things, but to keep it simple, I call myself an Intuitive Energy Healer & Coach.
If you are on my website, you are probably looking for help in some form, whether it is for physical ailments, emotional and mental stress or stickness, or for spiritual growth.  Curiosity is what got me here too.
I have always been the observing kind of person who was full of curiosity, little did I know it would become a career for me.  In 2013, I was in a major car accident and wasn’t healing the way I thought I should be or how I saw other people heal.  It made me frustrated.  I kept thinking to myself “This can’t be my life” and “What is going to help me break through this?”  I wasn’t ok with being told “this is just the way things are” and this is when I found BodyTalk. 
BodyTalk began opening me up to a whole new world of wellness and healing I knew was possible, but didn’t know existed.  When I found Access Consciousness a short while later, it broke apart so many belief systems of what I could be and do and all the fears I had been living from. It propelled me into a whole new way of being that was more authentic with more ease and joy and with less stress and pain in my life.
Since then, I opened my business in March 2016.  I have studied a wide variety of modalities, philosophies, and tools, including: Access Consciousness, Accunect, BodyTalk, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Source Point, Sound Healing, and Chakradance.  You can learn more about some of these through my “Sessions” page.
I strive to make all my services accessible to everyone wherever you are on your journey, whether you are just beginning to ask questions or you are seeing me at your 99th class.
Consciousness is for everyone.  You just have to be willing to choose it.
What Can I Do For You?
I relieve pain and stress in the body, mind, and soul from people just like yourself, who are looking for something greater, beyond the “it’s fine” narrative.  I work with people who hear the “this is the way it is”, yet they know it can be better.
I listen to you and together we work through your limiting beliefs, stuck emotions, pain points, judgements, and conclusions, to create a life you truly desire.
Some examples of why people come see me:

  • Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts

  • Energy levels

  • Sleep

  • Headaches, migraines, head traumas

  • Hormonal health

  • Pre & postnatal care

  • Digestive health

  • Care while going through treatments (ex: cancer)

  • Clarity, productivity, creativity, goal achieving

  • Allergies, sensitives, and intolerances

  • Chronic Pain

  • Bloating, water retention, and weight issues

Please feel free to contact me here to ask me any questions you may have.

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