To Blog or Not to Blog

I've been thinking about starting a blog for about a year now and have just never chosen to create it for various reasons until now. So here I am!!

First you might ask why would this lady create one and what would she have to offer me? Simple. I have my own personal struggles everyday despite knowing all this knowledge about BodyTalk, Access Consciousness, Dance, Health and Nutrition, fitness, and well the list goes on. I want to share how just because I am a practitioner and own my own business, it doesn't mean I am perfect.

Sometimes, it's forgetfulness, sometimes laziness, sometimes there's blocks and barriers, and all of the time it is functioning from a set of belief systems and perspectives that are mine and many others that allow me to forget just how smart I am and that I am capable of choosing and creating anything. Hint.... you are too!

During this blog I will take you on my adventures of everyday life, into some of my classes, sessions, tips and tricks, and whatever else feels light to share. I typically share anything when asked, which makes me pretty excited to see where this goes.

Get excited as the following weeks will be about my journey to how I got to where I am, wedding fun, summer holidays, winter adventures, my love-hate obsession with politics, breaking down beliefs systems, techniques and tools, new program announcements, and so much more!

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