Be careful what you ask for

You always hear “be careful what you ask for”, but do you ever pay attention to it? If you are like me your answer will be no. I am well aware that what you put out into the universe is exactly what you will get in return. I have known this for years, way before I started taking BodyTalk and Access Consciousness classes, which also discuss this point quite a bit. Unfortunately for me, I don’t pay attention to the words that come out of my mouth.

The universe wants to help you out, give you what you ask for, and provide for you. Just simply putting questions out there for the universe, gives it a job to do. It helps navigate choices and possibilities for you. So, when you ask questions like “how can it get any better than this?” The universe provides and will assist in making the current situation better, whether it was terrible or pretty good to start with.

Unfortunately for me for the last few months, I’ve been saying my life is sooo boring, I have nothing to talk about, and I want excitement. Should I have been saying that if I wasn’t fully prepared for more excitement whether that be good or bad? NO! I was not prepared for more excited because not all excitement is good excitement.

You also might be wondering how I could be complaining about be bored when I just got married 8 months ago. Easy, I get bored very quickly if there’s not a lot going on. And what goes on after a wedding? Nothing. Back to normal everyday life.

I learned my lesson, never wish for more excitement unless you are specific to what kind of excitement you would like. Instead of the same old peacefulness, I got full on family drama circus for a whole month. Now how’s that for more excitement!? I got way more than I ever desired, even though I was never specific as to what kind of excited I was hoping to get. I would like to say I will be much more careful with what I ask for, but I am human so it will most likely happen again and fairly soon. I like to learn lessons the hard way.

Maybe next week I will talk about this beautiful concept called allowance. It took the past month from drama to tolerable level-headed thinking, but you will have to wait to hear more about that.

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