Today, I choose to be grateful

If I’m not working, I only want to be camping or at the cabin. To me there is no other option. Is this currently realistic? No, not if I’m choosing to go to other events and see people in my life. Doesn’t mean it still isn’t my dream. I come pretty close to going every weekend during the summer and winter months when other things aren’t going on, just the shoulder seasons I don’t come close to it.

This brings me to today. It is at least 20 degrees outside, sunny, and a light breeze. Do I wish I was at the lake right now? You betcha!! I could have gone for one night, it just would have meant driving during the most beautiful part of the day instead of enjoying this gorgeous weather we are having. Usually when I know it is going to be very nice, I build lake time into my schedule and only do distance sessions for a couple of days or sessions for people who live closer to my cabin. This week, I didn’t think ahead.

Normally this would have made me very upset. I would be slightly pouty, a little crabby, and drag my body around all lifeless like. Today, something is different. For probably one of the first times EVER since becoming more adult-like, I am not beating myself up about not being at my happy place. I am actually enjoying my own backyard. I had some great sessions today and I get to come home mid-afternoon and soak up the fresh air and enjoy a glass of wine. It is one of the very few times I am actually appreciating my back yard.

I live in a small town outside of the big city, so it is pretty quiet with the exception of the odd car driving by and dog barking. We are planning on moving soon (hopefully very soon!) to the city and this might be the only thing I actually will miss about this current place. So for now, I am going to soak it all up.

What changed my attitude today? I think it was me discussing this really cool tool all day long with clients I learned in a class. Setting your alarm for every 3 minutes. When your alarm dings, ask yourself “if I had 10 seconds to live the rest of my life, what would I choose?” Right now, I choose to be grateful instead of bitter.

What are you choosing for yourself right now?

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