What does my body desire?

Have you ever actually sat down and asked your body what it truly desires and honestly listened? I can admit that in the past I may not have listened too well. I have always just done what I thought was “right”. Now it may have been right for some people, it just wasn’t right for me.

Growing up in Saskatchewan, you eat your meat, potatoes, and veggies at every meal. There wasn’t much thought about it, that’s just what most meals consisted of. So, when I moved out on my own, my meals usually consisted of meat, starch, and veggies. Anything else seemed almost crazy and exotic.

Now let’s fast forward a few years. Like most women, I concerned myself with weight loss and gain and trying out different diets and exercise programs. Occasionally I would just give up all together and resort back to my normal binge eating of comfort foods that made me feel sick. For the last year, I seemed to have settled into a nice routine of eating and exercising that I thought worked for me, that is until I was busy working on come craft projects and something clicked in me.

When I was a kid I would always eat the starch and vegetable portion of any meal and rarely eat any meat. I hated it growing up. Not only meat, but all animal products. I only liked cheese sometimes when it was melted, despised eggs, thought milk was the grossest liquid to be created, and meat was unpleasant at best. As you get older, you get it beaten into you how these foods are good for you and need to be consumed on a daily basis. So, I took the bait and started slowly eating more and more of these products. I never felt good after eating them, I just kept doing it because you were “suppose” to eat them and then eventually got addicted to cheese.

So back to me and my crafting. I pondered this for two full days while crafting. I thought wouldn’t that be an interesting experiment to see how I feel if I cut out all animal products and became vegan. I found it was extremely easy, in fact I loved it!! I felt like I had so much more energy, happier, and more like my old kid self. The only difficult part was relearning how to cook. Thank you, Pinterest!!!

It has now been 5 months of becoming vegan and I can’t see myself ever going back, that is unless my body tells me differently. I am not promoting for everyone to go vegan, I am encouraging people to actually listen to what their body is telling them it desires. If it’s a big juicy steak, chow down! If it’s a big green leafy salad, enjoy the crispness! Just don’t let anyone tell you what your body needs because only you know that golden nugget of information.

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