The 9 to 5

The other day I was out for lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and we were discussing what we were up to. I think it is safe to say that the two of us have gone through a few bouts of being under employed.

He started discussing different hobbies and projects of his and they all sounded great. He is technical and creative, which is amazing mix of brain power and skill. Then my heart sunk when he mentioned he might start looking for some office work to do. Why is this brilliant man who is incredibly creative looking for office work?

Why as a society do we put more value on an office job than other jobs? Shouldn’t we strive towards creating the life we desire instead of fitting into a mold? If we can create the wealth and prosperity through using our skills, then why do we continually force ourselves into these counterproductive careers that only hurt our health instead foster growth?

Now I am not saying office jobs are bad. Some people are great at office work, love it, and are truly happy doing it and others are better at using their hands such as trades people. There are many different types of skills and therefore many different types of ways to create income. There is no set formula, only unique formulas for yourself.

After this lunch, I felt very inspired because I was able to reflect on my own experience. I had always dreamed of that Monday to Friday job. I wanted the consistency, the pay, the benefits, the no stress of figuring everything out for myself; that is until I got there. Then I realized it wasn’t for me. I admire people who do it and love it because they are truly the lucky ones, unlike that others who “fake it until they make” sort of thing. I am just tired of society pressuring everyone into the same mold.

I get that creating an income is very important, putting a roof over head, feeding yourself and your dependants, etc. I just don’t buy into the typical work life. If you have a skill, why not show the world and create money with it? You have the capability to create any of kind of life you desire and by closing off your possibilities you are only hurting your potential.

There’s another part to this too. Why do we only need one main source of income? What is wrong with branching out and creating different sources of income. I believe we can wear many hats and that goes for creating our fortune too. Ask yourself what else is possible and see what opportunities await you.

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