Who's really bursting your bubble?

I’ll be the first to admit, I am a HUGE daydreamer. I can spend hours doing nothing, just living in la la land. Yeah, it may not be the most productive time I have ever spent, but I sure do enjoy it. All the possible realities I’ve created are amazing, it’s just too bad none of them come true too often.

I will spend a night daydreaming and then someone will interrupt me and pop my bubble and bring me down to reality. When this happened last night, it got me thinking. Is it them popping my bubble or am I actually sabotaging the reality? Who is really in control of me? ME. That’s who. There may be people who walk in that help facilitate it, but I am the true creator of my life and therefore make sure that these fantasies never come true.

So, last night I tried something different and it felt so much lighter. Instead of creating this big hype only for me to get deflated, I started asking questions. Yes, that thing I teach for living. What can I be or do to be living my dreams? Whatever it is that is holding me back would I be willing to destroy and uncreate it all? Asking to destroy and uncreate all the fear surrounding accomplishing my true dreams. And so much more. I went to bed feeling optimistic about what else was possible. I no longer viewed these dreams as meaningless fun, but hold new possibilities, a new reality that I will someday obtain.

I don’t know exactly how these will manifest. I didn’t start making a list of things I needed to complete in order to achieve these dreams. I just sat in silence. I am waiting for what needs to happen and being open to whatever it is. This is not saying there is no work involved. The difference will be, it will be done with ease and joy, instead of struggle and judgement.

So, my advice to you is start dreaming. Dream bigger than you ever thought was imaginable. Start asking questions. And enjoy the ride.

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