Personal hell

I too go through periods of personal hell. This may or may not surprise you. I look at it like a quest. How do I get through this? Sure, there is a short period of when I have a small child temper tantrum. Once this phase is over, it’s time for problem solving. Let’s just be clear on my take of temper tantrum, I get a feeling in every cell of my body either the grief, anger, fear, or whatever it may be. I really embody the emotion for a short period of time. Once I have lived that emotion and got it out of my system, it is time to move onto the other side because who really wants to get stuck in that negative emotion and the stillness of it. Notice how I say stillness? Have you ever taken practical action from a state of over reaction? I think not. If you have, please inform me how to!?

I guess this story starts off years ago. It is a family joke to live life through rose coloured glasses or dusty gray glasses. Seeing the world through rose coloured glasses just means you are that positive person, who always sees the good in every situation and know everything will work out. You tend to fail to see the negative. Seeing the world through dusty gray glasses, as you can guess, is the exact opposite. You see the negative and think the world is out to get you.

I guess through my whole life I have tended to be a rose coloured glasses sort of person. I always just known things will work out. And guess what? They always do. I never noticed until this week that I always ask the universe for help when I have problems. Somehow, things just seem to work themselves out and a solution appears. I don’t question it, I expect it. So, when life got turned upside down last this week for me, I went through the same steps. Temper tantrum, followed by calm, cool, and collected. I demanded of the universe that everything will work out. I asked “what do I need to do and be to make this work?” and solutions started following. I made calls and connections that I wouldn’t have otherwise made. I didn’t force anything, I just waited for answers to start appearing for me. I will continue to ask what is needed from me, to move through this temporary setback until it is resolved.

As I am writing this, I am thinking to myself, did the universe provide this situation for me for another reason? I am starting to think yes. It may have been the fire I needed to light under my a$$ that I had been asking for.

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