The place where ideas go to die

I feel like I can’t be the only one out there who comes up with idea after idea and then nothing happens. I always have lots of ideas, whether it is for my business or personal life. My mind is just always churning away. Yet, very few of them come to fruition. They just end up fizzling out rather quickly. Ideas and half-finished projects just go to this one magical place and die.

It is not even a metaphor. I literally have a room for all my dead ideas. Granted not all of the ideas are contained here. I have some scattered throughout my basement and garage. I would say a good 95% though, are gathered in one room. They are either on brainstorming documents on one of my old computers, scattered notes on old pads of paper, supplies are stashed in boxes in the closet, or as the picture shows, just piled up on the table. All eager to be brought out and given life.

It is not like I realized they were bad ideas or that I am lazy (okay, sometimes I might be, but not the point today). I find I tend to get distracted or I find the next big idea rather quickly and move on. And all I have to show for it is a room full of discarded ideas and projects. It’s not all negative though. It is like having a huge treasure chest of ideas and projects to pull from. When I am scrambling for ideas, I just head into this magical room and start searching for something cool to use.

What I have learned, is that there are no bad ideas. Some ideas just aren’t meant for right now and that’s ok. Don’t make yourself wrong for not completing some projects. Don’t make yourself wrong for having that “dumpster” for old, unfinished projects. And definitely don’t make yourself wrong for the chaos as chaos is where magic is created from. Instead, make yourself right for exploring. Make yourself right for following your gut. And definitely make yourself right for having the confidence to create without judgement!

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