Sharing is the game for 2018

I decided to start my 2018 by pulling a card from an Oracle card deck I have by Sonia Choquette. My intention when I did this was to create a theme for my year, words to live by, and actions to take. Something that would be true to my heart and my soul. I asked for something that would be light and would bring joy and ease into my world. I am delighted and excited about the card I ended up pulling. It is the “Share Your Gifts” card. The book reads…

“We all have gifts of the Spirit that we’re here to share. The ego often discounts them as not good enough, not significant enough, not important enough to make a difference. Don’t fall into this trap and hide them. Know that the simple endowments of Spirit, which are grounded in love and kindness, come from your heart and are needed now more than anything.

Life isn’t demanding any great thing of you in this moment. It’s only asking that you trust your spirit and share your gifts, which may include the ability to listen, to calm others, to make a meal, to organize a situation, to run errands, to offer a hand, to be patient or to make another laugh. You know in your heart of hearts what your spirit is gifted at sharing with others.

Now is the time to do this. Don’t be shy. Share your gifts, as others need your love and kindness.”

I share the whole passage with you in case it speaks to you, whether it is all of it or just a snippet. The part I’d like to highlight is the second sentence where it talks about not being enough. I don’t know a single person who has never thought this at some point in time. You know, I know, and so does everyone else know, that you are good enough, significant enough, and pretty darn important. Your gifts, like my gifts, like everyone else’s gifts are beautiful. You have these gifts because the universe needs these gifts. Listen carefully to what is around you, what is being asked of you. If you have a gift to contribute, choose to contribute. Feel the energy of it. Feel what you are creating each time you share. Feel what you are receiving each time you share. How can these little acts change your world, bring new energy to a situation, and open you to new possibilities?

Happy 2018!!

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