The month of love

When we think of February, we tend to think of Valentine’s Day. Quite often this particular day triggers us with either joyful emotions or sad and angry emotions. Society has made a big deal of spending it with someone you love, spending extra money you wouldn’t normally spend, or making a point to do something special for that special someone in your life. This is all fine and dandy for some, I just believe there should be something more. There should be more than just one day to show love in the world, and I challenge you to think outside of this box too.

Whether you are with someone or not, February is about love. It doesn’t have to be in the conventional terms we often think about. When I was reflecting on February before it arrived, I started thinking about the Heart Chakra, which is held in the centre of our body. It melts the energy from the divine and our drive for life. This chakra pertains to our relationships with others and what we give to the world, as well as, ourselves and what we are willing to receive. It is the source of our desires, hopes, dreams, and our healing energy. This is where our compassion lives and breathes. It holds the perfect balance of yang energy (masculine) and yin energy (feminine).

This month I challenged myself to dive into the heart chakra, to really embrace the meaning of it, and to balance this part of my life. Will I do something with my husband for Valentine’s Day? I am guessing not as our schedules are not lining up. What I will do instead, is to be open to more of what the universe has to offer me and give me. I will be more open and willing to share what I have to offer the universe. I am practicing to live more in observance and allowance than in judgement. I am living more in gratitude for others around me and showing them that more frequently. As love is not just for one person, but for humanity as a whole. It is about being able to love, accept love, and be in love with oneself.

There is no one single day for love. There are 365 days a year for as many years as I am on this earth to show the many layers of love.

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