Asking for help is not weak

Some people have no problem asking for help or assistance, while others dread it and will do anything possible to avoid it. I use to fall into the second category religiously. Lately something has shifted and changed. I have been asking for help more when it comes to personal issues and reaching out to people who are well adverse in things related to my business like marketing and tech.

The surprising outcome of this is that I didn’t feel weak while doing so. There was no shame in asking for assistance. There was actually quite the opposite feeling. I felt more empowered than I had before. I now had new information, more contacts, and more confidence. So how could something I feared so much previously, make me feel so good when I actually did it?

I removed the judgement around asking. I longer am making myself wrong for desiring help. I am not making myself wrong for not knowing the answer or not wanting to know. The help I am getting is motivated by the desire for change. Momentum has been building and I asked myself if I was going to let fear stop me or if I wanted to keep going? I chose to keep moving and the only way I could do that was removing the judgement.

How can you move forward with judgement? You can definitely take steps, but do you enjoy them? Is it easy? Do your choices feel heavy or light? Are you choosing what you actually desire or what you think you should? I don’t think it is possible to have pure joy when you live with judgement. Today I desire change and movement with joy. There are areas I don’t enjoy and therefore will always put them off. Doing this would never allow me to get to where I want to go. I started looking at all the talented people around me and decided to start asking for help. I have people working on my business, people to advise me on finances, people to be my observer when I am faced with personal problems, and it all feels incredibly light. I am more productive, there is a new resurgence in motivation and drive, and I am just overall much more happy.

If you have judgements around asking for help, start asking questions. What would it take for you to ask for help? Everything that is, would you destroy and uncreate it? Right, Wrong, Good, Bad, POC POD, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds. For more information on the clearing statement, go to

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