Removing a source of judgement

When you stand in front of a mirror, what do you see? What do you think? How do you feel? Are you thinking about the facts? Or, are you running through judgements in your head? Are you picking a part your outfit? Hairstyle? Curves? Or any other beautiful unique thing about you? (Notice how I phrased that in the positive and not the negative? You should be doing that too!!) Is there any other object in your house that causes so much drama, trauma, and judgement? Well, perhaps a weight scale, but I don’t own one of those!

As many of you already know, I moved this past October. We cleaned out our house and our realtor checked everything over making sure it was spotless and empty. We all missed one very large important (maybe only to me) item! My large full length mirror. One would think I would run out and buy one once I noticed this. You can find them pretty affordable at a few places. I have had a full length mirror for as almost as long as I can remember and yet, I didn’t panic. I still haven’t bought one. It has been just over 7 months and I still haven’t been pulled to a store to make the purchase. It’s not that I can’t, I just haven’t felt compelled to.

Of course there has been the odd moment where it would have been handy. For example, just to check myself over to notice a laundry soap stain on my pants, or double checking to make sure my shoes weren’t clashing with my outfit, but overall it has been the most refreshing and uplifting change.

How many hours have I spent looking in the mirror judging myself on how I looked, contorting myself to see what angles looked better, multiple outfit swaps before leaving the house, and spending hours in negative self-talk? WAY TOO MANY!! I had to change my approach to dressing since my move. I put on clothes and ask my body how do I feel wearing this? How does my body feel? What does my body desire to wear today? This has provided so much lightness and ease first thing in the morning. I rarely change outfits and I almost always feel good in what I wear now.

Eventually I might go buy myself a new full length mirror, but I definitely won’t be returning to old habits. If I hear them creep into my mind, I know I have the tools to remove them. Weip?? For those not familiar with Access Consciousness lingo, “what else is possible?” Sometimes we need classes to remove belief systems and judgements, sometimes we need BodyTalk or Bars sessions, sometimes we need to ask questions, and sometimes we just need to remove an item from our lives and play in the chaos.

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