How much are you willing to receive?

How much are you willing to receive? What a simple question. The obvious answer is lots, but when you really think about it are you actually willing to receive great abundance? I am guessing if you are anything like me you have some blocks in this area. At the beginning of May, I decided to really work on this area of my life. I began asking more questions, doing more clearings, and expanding my awareness to what was around me. And guess what?? My partner and I have received WAY MORE in the last month than we thought was possible before. In fact, we doubled our income. How cool is that?? And how does it get any better?

Now at times, it wasn’t obvious that we were receiving more. There was a little bit here and little bit there. But, in the last couple of days I noticed there was a big difference in our bank account and I started calculating everything and was pleasantly surprised by how effective these tools are. We sold items we were longer using, trade show props, scrap materials, landscaping items left behind from the previous owner, fixed vehicles for others, received a larger income tax return than expected, and increased clients within Balanced Living Holistic Care. Not only were we making more, some of our expenses even seemed to go down.

So now that you can see proof from these tools in action, what is stopping you from receiving more? What is stopping you from working through your own BS to get you to where you desire and beyond? What would it take for you to attend classes, read that book, ask some questions, or just simply being in awareness and living in the question? How awesome would it be to turn your current reality into your wildest fantasies?

It all starts with you and no one else. You can’t blame your current situation on any one person or group. You have made a series of choices that have led you to this very second and you have the power to make whatever choice feels light to you right now and change your reality. You have the capacity to be the magical person you truly are.

I will leave you with this one tool. Every time you receive money ask “how does it get any better than this?”

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