I destroyed and uncreated my marriage!

First of all, I am still married!

Before leaving on our annual two week holiday in July, I was facilitating a class called “How much are you willing to receive?”. It is based on a book "Money isn’t the problem, you are". On a side note, I highly recommended both the book and the class. If you use the tools, it will totally change your life. While prepping for the class, there was one page of the book that really stood out for me and has completely changed my life ever since. Remember this is the same book that boosted our family income I talked about in a previous post. So, the fact that there was one particular page that has changed my life even more so is pretty unbelievable for me.

The book asks you three times “what are you absolutely unwilling to receive, that if you were willing, would manifest as total abundance?” Each time I answered this, the first word that popped up without going into over thinking was love. This shocked me. I thought this was something that I have always received. Then I started reflecting on my life and it was like this huge light bulb went off and it became so obvious. I have always pushed it away.

I started doing clearings for myself to help me in this area and then I remembered another part of the book and a tool it shared. Every morning I started asking “everything I was yesterday, I now destroy and uncreate”. Then I followed that with “I am not the same person I was yesterday. Everything my relationship with Jesse was yesterday I now destroy and uncreate.” After about a week of doing this, incredible shifts started to happen.

Our normal holiday turned into the best holiday we have taken together so far including our usual weekend lake trips. And once we got home, it was the same thing. Things just kept getting better. It was as if by magic we were acting like we had just started dating but without all the awkward getting to know each other stuff. How does it get any better than that??

It is not that I destroyed and uncreated the relationship, I destroyed and uncrated the total bullshit I was creating in the relationship. I was destroying and uncreating the attitudes, the belief systems, the active memories and more. Instead of adding on more crap everyday, I was removing the stuff built up over the past few years. We could start fresh every morning. Now we can just enjoy each other’s company instead of playing this weird competing game.

Originally I was asking these questions because I was thinking about money. Yet it’s not all about money, it is about total abundance. How can you have one without the other. As I am willing to receive more love, I am willing to receive more money and more total abundance. When we start to look at what we are unwilling to receive, we can begin to see how it blocks us from all sorts of wonderful experiences and from total abundance.

So I leave you with this. Is there an area of your life you would like change? Start destroying and uncreating it! And see what magic begins to show up for you :)

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