Letting Yourself Go Checklist

I think the whole “letting yourself go” bit has gotten a bit of a bad reputation. I don’t think we should use that line in such a negative way. My goal is to reclaim this statement of “letting ourselves go” and use it as an empowering line. Instead of us setting limitations for ourselves, we should be removing the negativity and judgement. To help us do this, I have created my very own Letting Yourself Go Checklist.

To me, letting myself go means reclaiming my own sense of self and my own power. It means going after what I truly desire. It means being my own leader and not just following others. Sure, it may mean that at times I may look or seem different or silly. But what does it matter as long as I am happy. When you think of it, it is quite refreshing. It removes so many little voices from your head. It removes all the “should I shouldn’t I?” questions. It makes it easier to follow our gut instinct without all the distractions. And how does it get any better than that?

Feel free to use my checklist and add anything else that might feel right for you :)

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