Demanding More From Ourselves

As I sit and reflect back on the last year, I can’t help but notice this one trend. There seems to be this overwhelming consciousness of “only for I”. There seems to be increased tensions, more walls being built, lines drawn in the sand, and the inability to be aware of what others are actually saying. We have not only forgotten about our brothers and sisters of the world, but have turned our back on them.

In Access Consciousness, they have a term called the Kingdom of We. This is where everything is included and nothing is judged.

To me this represents choosing for us, society, the world, and not just I. This is expanding our awareness of what people are asking for and requiring and not turning a “blind eye” to them. This is choosing something greater, choosing to be greater, and choosing to create greater. Instead of sitting in our own trauma and drama we have created, we choose a different possibility, a different point of view.

What if you had the power to start something new? What if you had the power to create something good and meaningful for the people around you? I challenge you, just like I challenge myself, to demand more of you. Make a demand to be greater than yesterday and keep making that demand each and every day.

As science has taught us, observing one molecule change or shift, causes a chain reaction. By just you demanding more of yourself, you are creating more greatness in the world. If history has taught us anything, choosing from the “Kingdom of We” has the potential to change the course of the world. Look at every great societal change and you can see it, from the suffrage movement, to civil rights movements, to standing up to hate in a united front, choosing from the perspective of “what is better for all” has always created more.

Instead of dividing, belittling, lowering standards, and separating ourselves, let’s raise each other up, let’s demand more of ourselves, let’s raise the bar for us and our future.

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