Looking Ahead in the Face of Grief

This month I had many different ideas on what to share with all you lovelies. Then Monday, January 7th came along and I was stopped in my tracks. I hit pause on life. I sat in deep reflection and what emerged surprised me a bit. All that raced through my head for a few days was “Never underestimate the power of all the small and simple gestures you do, because they mean the world to someone.”

Let me explain a little further. On Monday evening, my father-in-law suddenly passed away. There was no warning signs or signals. It was quick. There was nothing anyone could do. The worlds of many changed in an instance. But, in every story there is something right, a positive, a lesson to be told. As hard as it is to think about that during times of stress and grief, it is ultimately what can help us through it.

My relationship with my in-laws for the last two years was not the picture perfect relationship, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t care. It was quite the opposite. I cared so much that it hurt. And hurt led to conflict. So when last Monday evening’s event occurred, there were so many emotions and so little words to describe it.

One thing kept going through my mind that first night. I was so incredibly grateful for all the small, simple and kind gestures my father-in-law did over the years. To me, this represented him to the core. It didn’t matter who you were, he thought of you. It didn’t matter how bad things could get, he still thought of you. He never asked for much in return, but he was always there whenever anyone needed him. Every time he did those very small acts, acts that most people wouldn’t have noticed, it lit up my world. I kept that a secret from everyone, including him and my partner. The last time was on Christmas morning, he sent me a cheeky text poking fun of a mishap we had with our dog the Christmas before. I think it was my favorite present that day. I told no one about it or my feelings about it, but cherished it and kept thinking about it all day long. There is something so powerful about being remembered.

There are so many things I wish I would have said over the years, but going down that rabbit hole is dangerous and will not help anyone. Instead, I choose to be inspired by his acts of kindness and make changes in my life. What else would be possible if we did small, simple, and kind gestures for those around us? What else would be possible if we told people how much they meant to us? What would change in our lives and lives of the people around us? It may seem small and insignificant at the time, but it just might change someone’s day and the world for the better.

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