Why Does Spring Cleaning Feel So Good?

Every spring it feels like there is a nationwide purge. We go through our closets, our cupboards, our garages, and that dark corner in the basement, and rid ourselves from past promises, outgrown items, and various memories. And this year is no exception, especially with the Marie Kondo Method gaining popularity thanks to Netflix. In fact, many second hand clothing stores are no longer taking any more items with the recent influx of goodies. But, my question is, why does it feel so good?

I think we really have to look at what these items represent to us. Items, whether you like it or not, have attachments, memories, and store our emotions, beliefs systems, and our points of views. The moment we choose to get rid of an item, is the moment we choose to shed whatever underlining (or sometimes very obvious!) BS we were holding onto. We are telling the universe we are ready to move on from that place in our lives. We are telling the universe we are ready to choose differently.

Sometimes after the big spring clean it can feel like we ourselves have lost weight. And that isn’t wrong. Reflect on how much emotional weight you have lost by saying good bye to unwanted items and how much they actually do affect your emotional well-being. These items can serve as that consistent reminder of who we are or who we were. Until we remove them, it can cloud our awareness and our vision we have for ourselves. These items can create the distraction of never taking that next step you have been thinking about for days, months, or even years. These items can literally just stop us in our tracks.

What if we didn’t wait until spring each year? What would it take to consistently remove these unwanted items from our lives? To consistently keep asking what else is possible? Asking who and what would I like to be? And keep choosing based on that energy.

Lately, I have noticed it seems like I am removing the same items year after year. It is like I know this doesn’t work for me, but I am not willing to choose something different yet. If this sounds like you, it might be time to start adding in some questions or new questions to your cleaning spurts. What would it take to choose something different? What would it take to choose beyond this? Maybe next time you will find that your spring cleaning looks much different.

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