Struggle For Perfection

“Working” and I say working loosely because I absolutely love what I do. But, working in the field I work in, I sometimes feel the pressure to be perfect, to solve all my problems instantly, to always react in the best way possible, and to never be bogged down with aches and pains. This is absolutely crazy though! I am human and part of the human journey is about learning, experiencing, and exploring. Without it, what would be the point?

During my quest to be my best self, I often go through periods of over-reaction. Now five years ago I would sit in this over-reaction for a long time and then stuff it down and pretend I am over it. Lately there has been a shift in this trend. My over-reactions are now showing me things in the world around me and in myself. It shines a light on a new awareness, new boundaries, skills I have hidden from myself, or anything in between and beyond.

Since striving for perfection does more harm than good I thought I would share how I get to this place of ease as it may help you out of your over-reactions. First is to start asking questions. I can’t say this enough! ASK. ASK. ASK. I say this soooo many times and I mean it! By asking questions, we begin to open up the situation and create a space for new possibilities instead of being stuck in the drama. The question sparks movement as it energizes the energy around you. The response to the question is a platter of new choices. Some simple questions to try could be "what else is possible here?", "what is right about this?", "what is this sensation in my body trying to tell me, and what other way could I perceive it?", or even "do I really care about what this person said, or is this a reaction to something else?"

The next thing I do is to bring myself back to a class I took a few months ago. We discussed about being the centre of the universe and acting from self-interest. By bringing myself to this class discussion I realize just how much I desire to create beyond the situation and I almost immediately move beyond it as this is not the place I want to be stuck in. Who does self-interest serve? And, and does it contribute to the situation, yourself, and/or the universe? By being in self-interest are you able to fully see what is going on or is your vision narrowed? How often do we take a situation that has nothing to do with us and make it about us? What if we could just observe it and be what is required instead of creating an unnecessary response?

Our emotions and reactions are never wrong. They actually can teach us a great deal. What if we could use them as teaching moments instead of labeling them as something shameful or negative?

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