What is your limitation?

Today, I was scrolling through Facebook world when someone’s post stopped me in my tracks. All it read was “You will never out preform your own self-image”. Damn girl, that is the biggest nugget of truth I have read in a long time (thanks Ashley!). Just let that statement sink in a bit, maybe read it again…. “You will never out preform your own self-image”. Has that sunk in deep enough for you to start letting go?

Whatever you have decided to be truth is as far as you will ever go. Whatever limitations you have put into place, is as far as you’ll reach. Your own self-worth and all the judgements you have of yourself, is all you will ever be. Nothing more. It is impossible to be something greater than what you belief you can be.

You create your reality based on your self-worth and image you have. No one imposes one on you. That is all you my friend. It is convenient to blame others for your unhappiness, where you feel stuck, for not preforming or succeeding, but you are the one creating it.

This past weekend I went skiing to a small prairie hill. I had put in place all these judgements of how terrible I was, how scared I was, and what my body was capable of doing. I was determined to keep these in place despite my husband telling me repeatedly how stupid all of that was. Until, one of my friends after a few runs looked at me and said “I don’t know what your deal is, you ski just fine.” I literally had nothing to say back. He caught me in my lie.

I had put into place all these lies and inventions and it was impossible to move beyond them. It wasn’t until then that I realized how much I was sabotaging myself to have a terrible time. I dropped the narrative and began to enjoy the rest of my day. Am I an amazing skier? Heck no! But I ski without tensing every single muscle in my body with fear now. I am able to have some flow with it and have fun.

I kept pulling on this string, this narrative a little more. It has intertwined itself throughout every facet of my life. I began to see all the places I have stopped myself because “I suck” or “I am scared”, when the truth is I don’t and I’m not. Only that I created those limitations to how far I could experience, how much I could succeed, and how many joyful adventures I could have should have and was worthy of having. All I really did was make myself small and shrink my awareness. Those limitations did not create more of anything.

Since dropping this narrative, there has been so much more space and so much more to explore. I get to experiment and play in this new energy. This knowing that I am the one creating my own reality. Any hurdle is one that I have placed there and can remove whenever I choose to. Any fear is just a distraction put in place by my own limiting beliefs.

So once again, "You will never out preform your own self-image."

What else is possible for you if you drop your judgements of how amazing you truly are?

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