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Personalized Remote Healing

What is it?

  • Intuitive remote healing sessions addresses the whole you; your body, mind, and soul, and includes your environment. 

  • It uncovers and dissolves what is lurking in your subconscious that is blocking you from having what you want. 

  • Through the integration of various healing modalities, we are able to shine a wider light at what is going on and balance, disassociate, or strengthen energies.

  • This is made possible as every molecule is in constant communication with every other molecule in the universe. 


"Ever since having my Bars run I have noticed I am not over-reacting to everything the same. I notice what would normally make me really upset, acknowledge it, and move on. I can't wait for another session!"

- Jolene -

I have had several lymphatic/bodytalk sessions with Katie and each one has provided new insight and healing to my life and body. I look forward to each session!

We seem to uncover a lot of interesting info and my body feels light & joyful when I walk out the door.

Thank you Katie!

- Karen -

"Thank you for another amazing session! You are always able to get to the heart of what is going on and provide me with tools moving forward. It just seems so simple afterwards"

- Devon -

"Spending ten minutes with Katie is better than spending thousands on therapy!"

- Travis -


How it works

Your healing journey is more than just a quick pill.  It is a journey. An evolution of sorts. Which is why I am offering you an introductory rate on three sessions.  This special deal won't last foreverJust $249 for three sessions over Zoom. Just book the first one and pay upfront to receive the savings of $125!!

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