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From Daydreaming to Living

We all have dreams.  They may vary from being pain free, to travelling more, landing that dream job, to fall madly in love with our soulmate...

You get the point.

But why do some of us stay dreaming and some of us are actually living our dreams?

That's easy!

Our Mindset

Our mindset is part emotions and part beliefs.

If we can start to dissolve these stuck, over-stayed their welcome emotions that our defending our beliefs, and then, release the beliefs that made us choose where we are today, we can literally change every part of our life.

It is time to peel back the layers.

It is time to get out of survival mode.

It is time to start thriving.

"Spending 10 minutes with Katie is better than spending thousands on therapy!"

My number one recommended way to get started on this journey is with the self-guided 8-week program Getting Unstuck So You Can Get On With Life. 

This is a beautiful series that you can do at your own pace from your living room or bedroom.  It is incredibly relaxing and only requires very little movement and involvement from you.

Learn more HERE

"Thank you for another amazing session! You are always able to get to the heart of what is going on and provide me with tools moving forward.  It just seems so simple afterwards"

My net recommendation is always individual sessions.  You can do these in-person in my Saskatoon office or by distance via Zoom or have an audio summary sent over to you.  These can be flexible.  We can either follow the energy where guided, or you can request a certain modality I practice. You can book HERE

"After my first Lymphatic Body Process, I was able to enjoy gardening PAIN FREE for the first time in a very long time! It has been YEARS!  Thank you!"

Finally, I have a few other options if you are just testing the waters or need a little extra something to add to your healing/self-care practice.  There are different audio downloads, pdfs, and the occasional Sound Bath.  You can find out more HERE

"After seeing Katie today, it feels like I have been injected with sunshine.  I have a new zest for life, more energy, and feel more joyful.  It is like I dropped my baggage at the door on my way out of her office."

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