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Balanced Living Holistic Care BodyTalk & Wellness

Individual private sessions is your opportunity to go deeper with your priorities. 


I like to call my sessions "Soma Sage" sessions.  It is "Wisdom of the Body".  I follow the flow of energy and weave between different modalities as they show up.  I make YOU the priority, not the modality.  Sometimes this looks more hands on with less verbal facilitation, sometimes there are beautiful sounds from crystal sining bowls or tuning forks, and sometimes we verbally dive deep and make energetic connections to facilitate healing.


However, you are always welcome to request a specific modality for your session.  I am trained in BodyTalk, Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki, Sound Healing, Access Consciousness Bars & Body Processes, and other modalities.

If you have any questions about the modalities, please let me know! Or click HERE

Please each out to me if you need a time that is not available by email HERE

Let the journey begin

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