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Let's continue to work together

Your emotions and your goals are tightly intertwined.  When one is out of balance, the other will be too.  That is why it is so incredible important to spend some time on your emotional health, just like you would with your diet and exercise.


And I get it.  This can be very private work.  It is personal.  It can be touchy.  It is intimate.


We each have a different speed we can go through this work.


That is why I decided to create an online school.  So you can deep dive into your emotional journey at your own pace and without any pressures from others.

This is a gift for you. Unravel the stories.  Get back to your true authentic self.  Get back to your dream living

Visit my online school HERE

My online school is forever evolving.  Right now, there is a beautiful 8-week integrative practice to release stuck emotions and a quick confidence booster session.  Enjoy!

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Getting Unstuck So You Can Get On With Life

An 8-week program diving into your emotional well-being

Your emotional well-being spills over into every area of your.  If you are feeling conflict, stress, overwhelm, or difficulty in your career, relationships, money, leisure time, physical health, it is time to look at your emotions.

It is widely accepted that up to 80-90% off all diseases is caused from stuck emotions like anger and resentment. 

This is something that prevent man uncomfortable symptoms!

This is a self-guided healing program that addresses your emotional well-being at the physical, mental, and spiritual level.

Boost Your Confidence

A quick 10 minute session

Are you prepping for a big event?

Do you lack confidence to choose things that would really make you happy?

Want help but don't have a lot of time?

Just want a little boost?

This beautiful 10 minute confidence booster session, melting together different modalities to create that OOMPH you need!

You get two versions of the session, one with the voice over and with just the crystal singing bowls.


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Gratitude Transformation Guide

Increase your abundance & happiness

Gratitude is simple, yet it stumps many of us.


Such a simple practice can change you finances, relationships, happiness, and health.


It is so incredible vital to living a happy and fulfilling life.


So let's make it easy!


I have created this beautiful guide for you to increase gratitude in your life so you can start thriving in a happy and healthy journey.



FREE Gratitude Meditations

A guided healing journey

Enjoy one of three (or all three!) guided meditations designed to increase gratitude in your life.

These meditations use crystal singing bowls as the backdrop while the voiceover guides you to different spaces to observe.

These meditations are short by design.  They are only 10 minutes long because raising our vibration shouldn't take all day.  It can be as easy as 10 minutes.

Listen to these often to get their full effect!

FREE Guided Gratitude Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls #1 (1024 x 576 px) (Facebook P
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